Reading has purpose when you’re reading to a dog!

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Reading has purpose when you’re reading to Chase the dog at our local library in Buena Park. At least these children and their parents think so!  Chase joins them faithfully each week and even brings his trainer along, who spreads a blanket in an open area between some bookshelves. The children read to Chase with their parents sitting beside them, guiding them along on the harder words, while the Labrador Retriever listens patiently as he lays on the blanket in their midst. It’s like having a reading picnic! Oh, what fun to have a furry friend to pet while you’re reading. A wag of his tail tells us he’s happy to be part of this learning journey.

READING WITH CHASE THE DOG      Life's a picnic!






Some of the kiddoes stand waiting their turn to have animal balloons made for them, a nice side reward. Each child gets a balloon animal or a small prize from the treasure chest after they read to Chase. They get a tally card from the dog handler so he can check off how many times they came to read.

The Library staff came up with a way to thank Chase and made up a little booklet about him. It’s called Chase’s Joke Book. Want to hear a Chase joke?  What happened when Chase swallowed a clock?  (He got ticks!)









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