Endorsements for our Books

Cordelia Knott: Pioneering Business Woman

  • “Finally, we have a book on the woman who had such a profound influence on Buena Park. This biography presents the story of Cordelia Knott’s life in a clear and interesting manner. I highly recommend it to children and adults who want to learn about the history of Buena Park and the Knott family.”
    Mary Ivelia, Children’s Services Specialist, Buena Park Library
  • “This biography aptly spells out the story of my grandmother as a strong lady who played a major part in the development of Knott’s Berry Farm. It brings to light the struggles and triumphs of Cordelia Knott.”
    Ken Knott, oldest grandson of Cordelia and Walter
  • “The author makes it clear that Cordelia deserves to be recognized for her efforts as an indispensable partner to Walter Knott. Working together, they were able to make The Berry Farm a unique place unlike any other in the world.”
    Stephen Knott, son of Russell Knott and grandson of Cordelia and Walter
  • “I enjoyed reading such a well-formed presentation of Mrs. Knott’s life.”
    Dean Davisson, longtime Publicity Director at Knott’s
  • “The feelings expressed throughout the book were felt by the reader. As I read
    on, I was with Walter and Cordelia on their journey from beginning to end. Wonderful topic and well presented leaving me, the reader, wanting ‘MORE’!”
    Irv Trinkle, longtime Knott’s merchandising employee

Survival Guide & Biographies and Beyond

  • “I really found this useful. It correlates with my district’s Reading program. Many of the ideas were ones I was using, but this saved me time. Instead of making my own worksheets, I would use yours!”
    B. Blossey, Elementary Teacher, Long Beach, CA
  • “I really like how you integrate mechanics, literature, and writing.”
    A Wyckoff, High School Teacher, Santa Ana, CA
  • “Outstanding content and organization!”
    J. Mazzella, Middle School Teacher, Hollister, CA
  • “Excellent useability and student appeal!”
    R. Wiles, High School Teacher, Petoskey, Michigan
  • “We need more of the same – practical ideas that can be used for any book.”
    R. Goodman, K-12 Media Specialist, Unalakeet, Alaska